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Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lightsabers

The lightsaber, one of the most iconic weapons of science fiction can also be seen as a typical object used in Star Wars. Although the glowing blade has the ability to cut through most things however, it also makes a great sound when you move it around. Yet, beneath all this incredible aspect, there’s a fascinating background on how these toys were designed for both film purposes or just as toys by kids eager to battle similar to their own in their homes without adult present, mind you.

The history of the Lightsaber is full of stories. It has been part of many battles, and its power has only increased over time as technology improved. But, certain aspects weren’t included in the official canon, despite being discussed elsewhere. This includes details about the color of each lightsaber is according to their corresponding space or planet they came from. It could be that Lucasfilm doesn’t want to create any errors in its universe. There are those who prefer to have all the details and I’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.

They were originally created by the Dark Side

Although the lightsabers that we are familiar with and love may be precursors to something more potent, force sabers were created by “Force Hounds” who were part of the Infinite Empire. These crystals that focused on dark energy were employed as weapons in their day-to-day lives before they were transformed into what we know as “lightsaber” blades’.

A large portion of the dark side were reluctant to acknowledge their connection with the Dark Side. The Force Saber’s powerful connection made it even harder for them to become an Force Saber. These weapons could make the user a warrior for evil.

There are more than swords

Although the traditional lightsaber is generally shaped as a normal sword, it has been altered in a variety of ways. One variation is the term “lightship,” which instead utilizes emitters strands that are positioned to the handle instead of just one emitter that is at the top for cutting through anything you desire with precision accuracy.

Batteries are needed to power the First Lightsabers

The original lightsabers were like the ones we’re using today. The battery pack was inefficient and could heat up, emit hot wires, which isn’t surprising given the history behind this weapon in ancient times.

The Sith were determined to once more advance technology in lightsabers when they developed an efficient power source to power the lightsabers. It could be kept in the handle.

A Lightsaber is able to cut through virtually everything

A lightsaber is capable of cutting through everything. However, like any weapon or tool the potential victims, particularly those who are opposed to the usage of lightsabers will try their best to avoid being struck by this incredible source of power.

With a range of options for materials bounty hunters who specialize in Mandalorian iron are able to use any type of and form. One of the materials is Cortosis that can be used to shorten lightsabers. But it’s poisonous for humans, so they are used to create armor. Phrik might also be resistant to lightsaber sword blades, but it doesn’t do anything with them.

Lightsabers presented a challenge for amphibious racemen

Although there aren’t many things that could stop the lightsaber from working however, water is something they should be conscious of. Even a little rain won’t cause any damage because the weapon will steam and sizzle if it’s exposed to water. When this happens it will be immersed in the liquid to cover any evidence of damage until next year.

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